Newhouse Project Consulting

Mission and Vision for Global Excellence

Empower organizations to thrive and lead in a dynamic world of change, placing humanity at the core of transformation and delivering unparalleled expertise and innovative solutions to our clients that drive growth, resilience, and transformation.

Our Vision

At NPC, our steadfast vision is to ascend as a foremost global consultancy, staffing, and product firm, renowned for our unmatched expertise and innovative solutions.

Our Core Values


Agile builders, strategic minds, versatile problem-solvers, delivering proven results. Our core is innovation, adaptability, and impactful outcomes.


Skilled consultants with analytical minds driving transformative success through collaboration, technical acumen, and a culture of accountability.


Embracing challenges, self-sufficient achievers, our culture fosters excellence, unlocking remarkable results through continuous learning.


Empower inclusion, foster belonging. We believe in diverse perspectives for creativity and innovation.

Trust, Ethics, Joy Collaboration

Foundation of success. Good hearts, strong ethics. Fun, motivated team. A harmonious, productive work environment built on trust and joy.

Trusted Partner

  • Newhouse Project Consulting has been recognized by J.P Morgan Chase & Women’s President’s Organization (WPO) as one of the Top 50 2024 Women2Watch
  • Newhouse Project Consulting was presented by J.P Morgan Chase & Women Elevating Women (W.E.W) 2023 Entrepreneur Impact Award for adding value to the community with our Mental Health Program “RESILIENCE”
  • NPC Co-Founder Tiffany Newhouse was honored by Walmart, Women’s Presidents Organization (WPO), and Women Elevating Women (W.E.W) with the 2023 Diversity Equity and Inclusion Award for heading the first DEI initiative in the organization’s history
  • NPC Co-Founder Tiffany Newhouse was presented with the prestigious 2020 Enterprising Women Award


Years of Change Management Experience

1.5 Million

Employees Impacted

100+ Change Management

Talent in Pipeline

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

At Newhouse Project Consulting, we embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) deeply into our operations, fostering environments where every individual’s unique identity and perspective are embraced. Beyond advocacy, our data-driven strategies drive tangible changes within clients’ organizations, ensuring workplaces are diverse, equitable, and inclusive. We partner with clients to celebrate diversity, actively pursue equity, and make inclusion the cornerstone of every interaction. Through this commitment, NPC leads the charge towards a world where DEI principles are not just aspirations but daily realities in work and community engagement.

Our Social Responsibility

At Newhouse Project Consulting (NPC), we’re deeply committed to forging a positive societal impact, particularly in the realm of mental health. Our legacy includes a groundbreaking mental health literacy program, RESILIENCE developed in collaboration with one of the United States’ largest healthcare providers.

By promoting total health—mind and body—through programs like RESILIENCE, we strive to illuminate the signs and symptoms of mental illness and equip people with effective strategies for crisis support. Our vision is clear: to be at the forefront of creating a future that prioritizes mental health, ensuring it is equitable, accessible, and inclusive for all. NPC is excited to continue exploring innovative ways to contribute significantly to this vital cause, building resilience and understanding in communities across the nation.

Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

At Newhouse Project Consulting, we stand at the forefront of the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) movement, leveraging our deep commitment to sustainability and responsible governance to meet the growing demands of corporate and government sectors for decarbonization and transparent ESG disclosures. Our mission extends to crucial ESG goals such as promoting Gender Equality, ensuring Quality Education for all, and fostering Sustainable Cities and Governments, positioning us as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the ESG revolution. 

Our aim is not only to achieve our own ESG objectives but to also empower our clients to join us in our endeavor to secure a cleaner, more sustainable planet for future generations. NPC’s dedication to ESG principles signifies our unwavering commitment to driving meaningful change and excellence in environmental sustainability and governance.

Our Core Principles

Conscious Consulting

We ensure that we are consciously delivering what our customers’ need for their transformations, utilizing methodologies in keeping with our customer values, and within our customer’s means. In other words, our customer’s are first in every single way.

Exceptional Talent

Our seasoned team, with 15-20 years of expertise, is pivotal. From client service to consultants, they offer valuable global insights for business success. Our people define us as adept partners with extensive operational, functional, and professional experience.

Innovative Solutions

We embrace cutting-edge solutions and technology and actively seek new and innovative ways to solve current and future business challenges. We partner with our clients to provide tailored, innovative, and data-driven solutions that work for your challenges.

Constructive Disruption

We partner with our clients to disrupt the status quo and adopt forward-looking strategies and practices required of industry leaders and best-in-class organizations. We do this by carefully considering, calculated interruption of your day-to-day operations with the goal of bringing about better business outcomes.

Hands-on Execution

We deliver results to you. This is done by becoming an extension of your organization and leveraging proven people, processes, and methodologies combined with cutting-edge approaches. The partnership between NPC and our clients ensures transfer capabilities are seamless and transparent.

Sustainable Results

We believe projects have start and end points. For NPC, a project ends when we have provided our clients with the tools required to sustain your organization’s new state. We ensure recommended governance, processes and procedures are successfully adopted and embedded into your daily operations for sustainability.