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Enterprise Technology Solutions

Leading Technology Implementations: Pioneering Technology Solutions for Tomorrow

80% of technology projects either underutilized or abandoned within six months of launch, and over half surpassing their initial budgets—it’s clear that strategic intervention is crucial. In the dynamic landscape of technology, NPC tailors Technology Solutions to meet your specific business needs, increasing the successful adoption and retrieval of ROI from your technology deployment. 

With over 20 years of experience guiding diverse industries through these digital transformations, NPC stands at the forefront of this evolution, ready to elevate your technology. As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, the necessity for expert guidance becomes more apparent. Many of our clients are already recognizing the value in partnering with us as their thought leaders to help guide them through the complexities of the implementation landscape to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Business Case Development & Realization

As your visionary partner, we excel in crafting compelling technology business cases and conducting in-depth feasibility studies, paving the way for informed, strategic technology investments.

Business Requirements & Analysis

Our expert business and IT analysts masterfully capture and articulate business requirements from all stakeholders, ensuring a unified vision and a crystal-clear path to your desired outcomes.

Technology Assessments & Roadmaps

Leveraging cutting-edge insights, our technology assessments and strategic roadmaps illuminate your path to innovation and operational excellence, guiding your journey with precision and foresight.

Systems Integration & Implementation

Newhouse Project Consulting seamlessly knits your IT landscape, from cloud to mobile, ensuring streamlined operations, while our top-tier technology implementation support brings project management, change expertise, and training to the forefront of your digital transformation

Technology Change Management

Elevate your organization with our specialized consultants in global tech adoption. Their unparalleled expertise in Enterprise Technology Change Management ensures seamless integration of new technologies, prioritizes user adoption, and maximizes benefits through comprehensive testing, training, and support.

Technology Partners

At NPC, we collaborate with leading global companies as their exclusive change management partner. Our clients see sixfold adoption improvements by integrating change management into technology implementations.

How Your Business Benefits

Clear Alignment on Delivery

Ensures precise alignment of deliverables with your expectations, guaranteeing satisfaction with every project outcome.

Increased Value from Vendors

Maximizes vendor performance by ensuring competitive delivery that meets your specific requirements on time, cost, and support.

Defined Business Drivers and Investment Objectives​

Establishes clear business goals and stakeholder consensus on risks, costs, and anticipated benefits.

Up-to-Date Status of Program and Projects Performance

Provides stakeholders with regular updates to promptly address and mitigate risks, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Identification of Organizational Changes Enabling Intended Benefits

Identifies necessary organizational changes and executes plans to secure the intended benefits effectively.

Benefit Realization Measurement

Employs post-implementation operations and audits to measure and compare actual benefits against expected outcomes, ensuring accountability and value.