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Salesforce Change Management & Adoption

Discover unparalleled expertise in Change Management and Salesforce CRM Adoption with Newhouse Project Consulting. Our seasoned team and strategic implementation partners bring over a decade of experience within the Salesforce ecosystem, including MVP consultants, ensuring deep expertise and a user-centric approach.

Embark on a tailored discovery journey with NPC to craft customized Salesforce solutions aligned with your organizational goals, driving ROI. With top-tier Salesforce certifications and a track record of driving strategic transformations, our talent pool empowers clients across government, corporate, and beyond.

Partnering with NPC unlocks access to our extensive talent pipeline and industry thought leaders, specializing in sectors like higher education, power and utility, and healthcare. We not only facilitate a smooth transition to Salesforce but also optimize its capabilities, delivering tangible ROI.

Elevate your operations to new heights of efficiency, innovation, and growth with Newhouse Project Consulting, whether you’re in government or corporate enterprise.

Salesforce Change Management & Adoption

Experience seamless transitions into Salesforce with our approach, prioritizing employee adaptation and fostering a culture of positive change. Our proven change management strategies ensure successful adoption, integrating Salesforce into your workflows for enhanced productivity.

Extensive Salesforce Expertise

Our certified Salesforce professionals possess deep knowledge and experience working with Salesforce’s CRM platform. We customize solutions to meet the unique requirements of government and corporate clients, ensuring a smooth and effective implementation process.

Change Management Proficiency

We focus on guiding organizations through transitions, helping employees adapt to new technologies, and fostering a culture of positive change. Our proven change management strategies guarantee successful Salesforce adoption and seamless integration into your existing workflows.

User-Centric Approach

At Newhouse Project Consulting, we prioritize the needs of your end-users. Our user-centric design principles enable us to create customized training materials, resources, and support systems that resonate with your employees. By empowering your workforce, we drive user adoption and productivity.

Tailored Strategies for Diverse Organizations

We understand that every organization is unique. Our approach involves understanding your specific goals, challenges, and user profiles to create strategies that align with your distinct needs, whether you are a government entity or a corporate business.

Data-Driven Insights and Analytics

Leveraging Salesforce’s data and analytics capabilities, we provide valuable insights on user adoption, usage patterns, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach allows us to continuously refine our strategies and optimize your Salesforce implementation.

Effective Communication and Stakeholder Management

We excel in effectively communicating the benefits of Salesforce to different stakeholders, addressing concerns, and securing buy-in and support throughout the entire implementation process. Our collaborative approach ensures successful partnerships.

Ongoing Support & Training

Change Management is an ongoing journey. We provide post-implementation assistance, comprehensive user training programs, and resources to continuously refine your team’s skills and make the most of Salesforce’s capabilities.

Innovative Approach: AI-Integrated Change Management & Adoption

Our change management approach integrates Salesforce Data Cloud, AI, and Change, leveraging their interdependency for maximum value in Salesforce implementations. Unlock unique AI-driven insights to 6X Salesforce Adoption.

Speed to Value

At NPC, we utilize Salesforce's Speed to Value approach for adoption and operationalization. Start your transformation journey with trusted relationships, alignment, human-centered design, platform mindset, and continuous innovation.