Newhouse Project Consulting

Newhouse Project Consulting

Empowering organizations to thrive and lead in a dynamically changing world.

Who We Are

We Accelerate Adoption & ROI on Your Transformational Changes

Welcome to Newhouse Project Consulting (NPC). We are a women-owned management consulting firm with a global footprint, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, focused on providing digital and organizational management consulting services to high-growth, emerging companies and government agencies.

Our clients are seeking innovative solutions and a change management partner with a human centric approach and world class talent as they compete in a digital driven world. At NPC, we joyfully collaborate with our clients along their transformational journey from enterprise technology implementations, workforce planning and AI initiatives. Providing forward thinking strategy and execution solutions that increase adoption of their changes exponentially.

Our Collaborative Approach

1. Discover

We dive into our clients' unique challenges and goals, working closely to gain valuable insights for a personalized journey.​

2. Analyze

We use a data-driven approach to uncover patterns and untapped opportunities, empowering us to optimize and create growth potential.​

3. Design

We collaborate to create a custom roadmap for success, aligning objectives and crafting innovative strategies with a forward-looking vision.

4. Implement

We lead your organization through every step of the project implementation process, offering hands-on support to ensure a smooth transition from strategy to action.

5. Operationalize

We sustain positive changes achieved through collaboration, embedding improvements into your organization's DNA with your team.