Newhouse Project Consulting

Program Management & Support

At Newhouse Project Consulting, we offer comprehensive Program Management & Support services, designed to elevate and streamline your organization’s project management capabilities. Our expertise encompasses PMO Development & Oversight, ensuring robust governance and strategic alignment across all projects. We excel in Project Management Execution, applying best practices to deliver projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. Our PMO Talent Pipeline is second to none, with a deep bench of professionals skilled in both AGILE and Waterfall methodologies, ready to tackle any project challenge.

Program Design & Implementation is another cornerstone of our service, where we craft tailored programs that align with your business objectives and drive operational excellence. Furthermore, our approach to Project Metrics and Data emphasizes the use of actionable insights to continuously improve project outcomes and decision-making processes. With Newhouse Project Consulting, you gain a partner wholly committed to your success, leveraging our comprehensive suite of services to enhance your project delivery and achieve your strategic goals.

Program/Project Management Oversight

Our program and project management professionals have vast experience in standing up Program Management Offices, establishing standards, best practices, and setting up a portfolio of projects for efficiency and transparency through scope, schedule, and budget – while also ensuring projects are delivering on their target values.

Project Management Execution

Our Project Management Execution expertise guarantees the seamless delivery of your projects, adhering strictly to timelines, budgets, and the highest quality benchmarks

PMO Talent Pipeline

Newhouse Project Consulting's PMO Talent Pipeline is a powerhouse of AGILE excellence. Alongside optional roles like Agile Coaches, Domain Experts, and QA Teams, we ensure a comprehensive, agile framework that propels your projects towards success with precision and innovation.

Program Design & implementation

Our Program Design & Implementation services are meticulously tailored to align with your business objectives, fostering operational excellence and strategic success.

Project Metrics and Data

Leveraging Project Metrics and Data, Newhouse Project Consulting transforms insights into actions, enhancing decision-making and continuously driving project improvement