Newhouse Project Consulting

People & Organization Performance

Elevating Organizations, Transforming Futures

At Newhouse Project Consulting (NPC), we are more than consultants; we are your strategic partners dedicated to pioneering culture change, molding industry leaders, and architecting the workforces of tomorrow. With a compassionate heart and a strategic mind, we integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) throughout our customized solutions, crafting tailored roadmaps and innovative approaches that resonate with your unique vision.

Our mission? To elevate your ROI and guide you through transformative milestones, ensuring that you not only meet but exceed your organizational goals. At NPC, you’re supported by a team of transformation champions—seasoned consultants who provide premier executive coaching and share a deep passion for change. We work tirelessly alongside you, ensuring your journey of transformation is not only successful but truly inspiring. 

Join us on this transformative adventure to reshape and elevate your organization’s future, where we go beyond the ordinary to achieve the extraordinary together.

Organizational & Leadership Assessments

At Newhouse Project Consulting, we delve deep into Organizational & Leadership Assessments to unleash the full potential of your leaders and organizational dynamics, driving unprecedented growth and performance enhancements.

Workforce Planning

Our Strategic Workforce Planning aligns your talent strategy with your business goals, integrating Succession Planning, Knowledge Transfer, and Leadership Development to build a future-ready workforce.

Organizational Design & Redesign

We expertly craft and refine your organizational structure, optimizing it for maximum efficiency, agility, and growth, ensuring you stay ahead in today's ever-evolving market.

Culture Transformation

We revolutionize corporate culture, implementing targeted methodologies to transform attitudes and behaviors, rejuvenating your organization’s core for sustained success.

Executive Coaching

We transform high-potential individuals into standout leaders through tailored Executive Coaching, enhancing their impact and driving your organization's strategic achievements.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

We champion a robust D&I strategy, creating an inclusive environment that harnesses diversity as a key driver of innovation and strengthens your organizational integrity.

How Your Business Benefits

Increased Profit

Organizational development strategies significantly boost your bottom line by enhancing innovation and productivity, directly translating into heightened efficiency and increased profits.

Increased Communication

Enhanced organizational communication fosters greater feedback and interaction across all levels, leading to improved cooperation and streamlined operations.

Product and Service Enhancement

Leveraging innovation through focused employee development, we enhance your products and services, fostering a culture that celebrates success and motivates your team.

Employee Development

Elevates your workforce's skills with targeted training, ensuring they grasp and implement organizational changes effectively for lasting success.

Continuous Improvement

Organizations committed to continuous improvement through organizational development experience sustained enhancements in business operations and service delivery, ensuring long-term success and adaptability.

Increased knowledge

By enriching knowledge, your talent pipeline and human capital management are significantly enhanced, equipping you with vital insights that drive talent growth and boost productivity, aligning perfectly with strategic goals.