Newhouse Project Consulting

Talent Management & Staff Augmentation

Elevating Potential with NPC Talent Management & Staff Augmentation

Step into the realm of elite talent development at Newhouse Project Consulting. Here, our bespoke suite of Talent Management & Staff Augmentation services is meticulously engineered to accelerate your organization’s growth and spark innovation. Our approach integrates strategic advisory for deep insights, tailored project management for flawless execution, and precise resource management for peak efficiency.

We elevate our offerings by providing key interim executive and staff roles, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to fill leadership voids and ignite creative solutions, alongside seamless pass-through and onboarding processes to integrate external talent without disruption. Our rigorous talent identification and vetting process guarantees an ideal fit for your needs, backed by our partnerships with prestigious institutions like University of San Francisco and Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs), ensuring access to a broad and diverse talent pool.

Choosing NPC means partnering with more than a provider; it means engaging a committed ally passionate about fostering your transformation and achieving organizational excellence.

Staff Augmentation Project Consultants

Enhance your projects with our Staff Augmentation Project Consultants, bringing unparalleled expertise and a focused drive to ensure your initiatives succeed with exceptional support and strategic insights.

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Leveraging innovative approaches, we develop and implement tailored talent acquisition strategies to identify and onboard the best-fit candidates for your team's success.

Direct Hires Talent Search & Vetting

Connect with top-tier talent through our rigorous Direct Hires Talent Search & Vetting process, ensuring new hires align perfectly with your organizational values and contribute to your vision.

Pass-Through Services & Onboarding

NPC’s Pass-Through Services & Onboarding streamline the integration of external talent, ensuring a smooth transition that enhances team dynamics and operational efficiency.

Executive Search

Our experienced headhunters assist our clients in finding leaders who drive strategic initiatives, innovation, and growth ensuring organizational success and competitive advantage.

Performance Management

At NPC, we understand Performance Management's pivotal role in cultivating high-performing teams. Our approach aligns work with goals, enhances productivity, and improves engagement, retention, and organizational performance.

How Your Business Benefits

Pass-Thru Services and Onboarding

Streamline the integration of external talent with our service, handling all logistics efficiently to let your team focus on core business objectives, enhancing ROI.

Direct Hires Talent Search

Our Direct Hires process connects you with top-tier talent, streamlining recruitment to save time and enhance operational efficiency by aligning candidates with your culture.

Instantaneous Specialized Talent Access

Gain immediate access to top talent for critical roles and specialized knowledge through NPC’s staff augmentation, ensuring quick innovation without the usual hiring delays.

Adaptive Staffing Solutions

Our staff augmentation offers flexible, scalable resourcing, matching your project and business needs for optimal workforce efficiency and effectiveness in achieving strategic goals.

Increase Employee Engagement

Performance Management fosters accountability, growth, and continuous improvement, leading to higher job satisfaction and commitment, ultimately enhancing employee engagement and organizational success.

Experience Operational Efficiency

Our Executive Search services streamline recruitment, saving time and resources by meticulously assessing candidates and presenting only the most qualified.