Newhouse Project Consulting

NPC’s Change Management Drives Culture Transformation Throughout Organization

The Client

The 5th Largest Transit System in the Country

The Challenge

Design change management strategy for culture transformation, and deliver solutions for transitioning employees to new structures, processes and systems with minimal disruption to retention, engagement, and productivity. 

How We Helped

  • Assessed and evaluated readiness and capability to undergo business and culture transformation, and accelerated organization design, process improvements, and technology enhancements to accelerate the transformation journey.
  • Designed a change management roadmap with involvement from key stakeholders and developed communication strategies to mitigate disruption to employees and reduce risks to achieving intended business outcomes.
  • Executed change management and communication tactics, including executive talking points, strategic communication campaigns, culture and engagement programs, and learning events, to positively shape the transformation experience.
  • Educated senior executives and people managers on the human psychology of change management and the power of evocative storytelling to mitigate disruptive change.
  • Measured effectiveness of change management and communication strategies at critical milestones through a custom employee engagement and enablement survey.

The Results

Positive employee net promoter scores showed increased engagement, confidence in leaders, and alignment on strategic priorities with culture-shaping efforts.