Newhouse Project Consulting

Tiffany Newhouse

Chief Executive Officer

Loving Wife, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Dynamic Leader, Culture & Relationship Builder, Visionary and Innovative Thinker, Deal Maker, Connector, Driver, Global Transformational Change Leader, 2022 Enterprising Women of the Year, Mental Health Evangelist, Joyful, Ethical, Kind Human Being, Human Centric Approach to Change, Genuine Relationships Matter 

About Tiffany

Tiffany has accumulated 25 years of experience as a CEO, Executive Consultant, Leader, and Transformational Change Expert in both the private and public sectors. Notably, she broke down gender and ethnicity barriers, being one of the first and youngest Black executive leaders in Microsoft history, where she served as Senior Director of Global Business Excellence.

Taking pride in a proven track record, Tiffany has successfully driven results and business excellence in various industries, including dynamic and diverse workforces at companies such as Genentech Inc., ChevronTexaco, Kaiser Permanente, and Pacific Gas & Electric. Her insight and ability to develop trust and rapport with clients have facilitated rapid achievement of enduring skills, improving organizational abilities and effectiveness.

Tiffany’s expertise spans diverse areas, including organization development, change management, technology implementation, leadership development, program and project management, human resources, global deployment, and workforce planning. She has been responsible for leading companies through enterprise-wide change initiatives, implementing comprehensive, industry-standard change strategies.

A key factor in Tiffany’s success is her unique ability to bridge gaps between clients, labor unions, and customers, achieving measurable success in deployment, adoption, sustainment, and ROI for the company. Leveraging her extensive experience as a leader and consultant, Tiffany employs an inclusive approach to consulting, enabling clients to navigate the intensity and politics of the business environment, resulting in improved performance and achieved goals.

Tiffany’s business philosophy revolves around “constructively disrupting the way organizations typically operate.” She identifies critical areas of improvement in day-to-day operations, building tailored solutions to help clients observe automatic habits and patterns of action that may serve as barriers to their set goals.