Agile Change Management

Companies are seeking an underlying value when they undergo transformations or change: higher productivity, increased market share, more talented workforce and beyond.  They are most often met with obstacles that impede and adversely impact that value.  Many of these obstacles can be foreseen, planned for, and mitigated through a Change Management program led by NPC.

Change Management Done Well

Change Management as defined by NPC is a set of people-oriented strategies, tools, and techniques that are applied at the individual, group, and organizational levels, resulting in fundamental and sustainable change in employee culture, behavior, and performance.

NPC’s Change Management methodology and approach has been proven successful in a multitude of corporate initiatives from corporate divestitures to the first global transformation of the world’s largest software maker’s sales team. Leveraging our proven tools and processes – NPC works with our clients to ensure organizational changes, recommended governance, processes and procedures are successfully adopted and embedded into your daily operations for sustainability.

Our Change Management Workstreams

Change Strategy & Planning

Our experienced change management professionals can help your team identify the best change management strategies and plan the best approach to change based on the characteristics of the initiative, risks, and potential organizational resistance.

Leadership Alignment

Ensuring leaders are aligned around their role in the change and actively engaged in driving behavioral change throughout the organization.

Stakeholder Management

Identifying and analyzing of all stakeholders as required to increase support and minimize resistance, significantly increasing the chances to achieve project/initiative success.

Business Readiness & Adoption

NPC quantifies and qualifies the impacts of transformations, shifts, or other initiatives to the business, identifies obstacles to change and measures the readiness of the organization to operate in the new environment.

Communications Planning/Execution

Ensuring stakeholders are actively engaged and receiving the right information through the right channels at the right time throughout the project.

Training and Education

At NPC we consider training a process, not an event. We work with our clients on training strategies, development, and delivery of many forms both before and after go-live.

Organization Design

Designing of new programs, tools, and processes are aligned with the new way of working and staffing levels are optimized.

How Your Business Benefits

Enhanced workforce productivity, increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction

Increased strategic alignment and improved user adoption to drive faster and more effective value from the change

Improved employee strategic alignment and buy-in, Executive sponsorship, and program management tools that lessen the risks of business transformation and ease of disruption that accompanies changes

Robust planning and preparation outlines organizational and user expectations, timelines, deployment schedules, and anticipated benefits

Assessment tools and processes enable organizations to better understand the impact of the changes, and design specific programs for the identified pressure points

Increased predictability in achieving the business case of the overall transformation

NPC’s first assignment involved them “reminding” our planning team of the integrated nature of a solid and comprehensive budget process in the sales environment. NPC managed to take a very frail concept document and designed integrated process and tools, which not only incorporated sales and account management planning but also quota-setting and capacity planning.”

– NPC Client

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