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Tiffany Newhouse

Chief Executive Officer

  • I have 25 years of experience as an CEO, Executive Consultant, Leader, and Transformational Change Expert in the private and public sector. My goal is to help clients deliver on their business goals and commitments by driving and integrating transformational change and human change.
  • I am known for breaking down gender and ethnicity barriers as I was one of the first and youngest Black executive leaders in Microsoft history where I served as Senior Director of Global Business Excellence.
  • I take pride in my proven track record for driving results and business excellence in multiple industries with dynamic and diverse workforces such as Genentech Inc., ChevronTexaco, Kaiser Permanente and Pacific Gas & Electric. My insight and ability to easily develop trust and a rapport with clients have enabled them to rapidly achieve enduring skills that improve their organization’s abilities and effectiveness.
  • My proven accomplishments span the areas of organization development, change management, technology implementation, leadership development, program and project, management, human resources, global deployment, and workforce planning.
  • I have been responsible for leading many companies through enterprise-wide change initiatives and delivering comprehensive, industry standard change strategies.
  • Keys to my success is my unique ability to bridge gaps between clients, labor unions and customers with measurable success in deployment, adoption, sustainment, and ROI for the company.
  • Leveraging my vast experience as a leader and consultant, I use an inclusive approach to consulting that enables clients to increase their competence in navigating the intensity and politics of the business environment, resulting in improved performance, and achieved goals.
  • My business philosophy is to “constructively disrupt the way organizations typically operate” by identifying critical areas of improvement in the organization’s day-to-day operations and building tailored solutions that help clients observe automatic habits and patterns of action that are often barriers to the goals they have set for themselves.
Jerry Newhouse

Chief of Operations

  • With over 20 years of experience, I’ve honed my skills as a strategic thought leader, consistently developing and executing innovative growth strategies across healthcare, banking, and software sectors.
  • My MBA in Finance and Operations from Purdue University equips me with a strong foundation in financial acumen that I’ve effectively utilized to drive performance improvements and operational excellence across diverse industries.
  • I’ve specialized in mergers and acquisitions, successfully guiding organizations through integration and expansion phases by leveraging valuation models, skillful deal negotiation, and comprehensive due diligence.
  • Recognizing the human aspects of organizational change, I’m deeply invested in Newhouse Project Consulting’s focus on organizational development, technology strategy, implementation, and change management.
  • My track record in leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies such as Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Ford, and General Motors demonstrates my ability to foster performance enhancements and increased productivity within organizations.
  • My passion for developing cutting-edge business tools and processes is evident in my creation of streamlined and automated tools that remain in use years after implementation, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.
  • With extensive experience across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and government sectors, I’ve showcased my adaptability and strategic insights across a wide spectrum of industries.
  • Renowned for my highly effective communication skills, I have the ability to distill complex financial and operational insights into actionable recommendations that enable clients to achieve their strategic and sales goals.
  • My leadership in transforming sales planning and account management processes at Kaiser Permanente, coupled with my role in advising Wells Fargo’s merchant services, showcases my innovative problem-solving skills.
  • Beyond strategic execution, I take pride in my role as a coach and mentor, sharing my financial expertise and strategic vision to nurture growth and innovation within teams.
Akeli Jones

Chief of Client and Consultant Experience

  • I help organizations change and transform so they can bring their people strategies and cultural aspirations to life.
  • I thrive on the challenge of tackling all the pieces and parts of the organization to make this happen. From setting a winning strategy to designing the organization and culture to get there, I aim to create the right conditions for success.
  • I keep people at the center of my work. I’m hyper-focused on shaping the right mindsets and behaviors and unrelenting in my belief that meaningful employee experiences activate and sustain change.
  • Prosci certified: Advanced Change Management Practitioner
  • Management consultant with extensive experience leading successful large scale, complex, global, and multi-year business transformation programs for Fortune 500companies.
  • Seasoned change management and communications leader, focused on helping people and organizations shift mindsets and behaviors to enable and enhance business outcomes.
  • Trusted advisor to senior executives in the deployment of change management and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies that drive results for complex and highly visible
    strategic initiatives.
  • Expert communicator and creative facilitator who puts people at the center of change in the pursuit of improved employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, and sustainable transformation.
Cherrice Browne

Chief Strategy Officer

  • With over a decade of experience, I have been driving remarkable organizational growth through Salesforce.
  • My certifications include Salesforce Administrator, Business Analyst, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant.
  • As a strong leader and mentor, I prioritize fostering a culture of excellence within teams.
  • Aligning Salesforce strategies with the organizational vision is my forte, enabling successful execution of initiatives.
  • Customer-centric product roadmaps are my specialty, ensuring our solutions meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Teams and executives trust me as a consultant, relying on my expertise to enhance business efficiency.
  • Collaborating seamlessly across departments, I integrate initiatives for a unified and streamlined approach.
  • With expertise in resource allocation and risk management, I ensure project success at every stage.
  • I am committed to continuous improvement, staying ahead of industry trends to drive innovation and excellence.

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer

  • PhD in Information Sciences & Technology with a dissertation that focused on understanding
    how AI can be used to support human decision making
  • 15+ years of experience in data science and machine learning
  • 17 certifications in data science, computer science, and cloud computing
  • 4+ years of experience leading data science and AI teams
  • Patent in a computational cognitive model that uses AI to support decision-making
  • Award winning recipient from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs that called on innovators to develop suicide prevention solutions.
  • Author over 30 publications within the domain the domain of Human Factors, Human Computer Interactions and AI literature, including being the recipient of a distinguished best paper award.
  • Active security clearance

New Service Offerings


The AI revolution is here. NPC is a future-focused professional services organization. The evolution of NPC will include the development of AI products and services guided by modern AI techniques and experts with more than 20 years in change management and AI.

We understand at NPC, that Organizations achieve the most significant performance improvements when humans and AI work together. Through such collaborative intelligence, humans and AI actively enhance each other’s complementary strengths.


The world’s largest corporations and governments are accelerating decarbonization commitments and increasing scrutiny of ESG disclosure. NPC is committed ESG Environmental Sustainability and Governance, having developed our requirements & metrics.

We are committed to being a thought leader in this space providing advisory, change management, and project delivery services in partnership with our team of experts which include Sustainability Engineers and Energy, technology and sustainability thought leaders.


The US Government largest procurer of services in the world is currently undergoing major transformation across all agencies to modernize their technology, streamline processes, and invest in their employee’s skill and capabilities. All of which are core services of NPC.

NPC has taken our proven methodology, tools and technical expertise to support our federal govt. in remaining the NorthStar for other countries to follow. We will continue to deliver our innovative services and products to the local and state agencies.

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