Newhouse Project Consulting

Jerry Newhouse

Chief of Operations

Son, Big Brother, Proud Husband, Baseball Dad, 2x Purdue Boilermaker Alum, Strategic Visionary, Growth Agent, Innovative Finance Leader, Operational Excellence Champion, Data and Results Driven, Early Deming Disciple with Passion for Continuous Improvement, Regulatory and Compliance, Budding Foodie, Cycling, Hiking, Traveling, Photography, Sports, New Foods

About Jerry

With over 20 years of experience, Jerry has honed his skills as a strategic thought leader, consistently developing and executing innovative growth strategies across healthcare, banking, and software sectors. His MBA in Finance and Operations from Purdue University equips him with a strong foundation in financial acumen that he has effectively utilized to drive performance improvements and operational excellence across diverse industries.

Specializing in mergers and acquisitions, Jerry has successfully guided organizations through integration and expansion phases by leveraging valuation models, skillful deal negotiation, and comprehensive due diligence. Recognizing the human aspects of organizational change, he is deeply invested in Newhouse Project Consulting’s focus on organizational development, technology strategy, implementation, and change management.

Jerry’s track record in leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies such as Wells Fargo, Kaiser Permanente, Ford, and General Motors demonstrates his ability to foster performance enhancements and increased productivity within organizations. His passion for developing cutting-edge business tools and processes is evident in his creation of streamlined and automated tools that remain in use years after implementation, empowering businesses to make informed decisions.

With extensive experience across financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and government sectors, Jerry has showcased adaptability and strategic insights across a wide spectrum of industries. Renowned for his highly effective communication skills, he has the ability to distill complex financial and operational insights into actionable recommendations, enabling clients to achieve their strategic and sales goals.

Jerry’s leadership in transforming sales planning and account management processes at Kaiser Permanente, along with his role in advising Wells Fargo’s merchant services, highlights his innovative problem-solving skills. Beyond strategic execution, he takes pride in his role as a coach and mentor, sharing his financial expertise and strategic vision to nurture growth and innovation within teams.