Newhouse Project Consulting

Cherrice Browne

Chief Strategy Officer

Oldest Daughter, FAMU Grad, Music is My Long Language, Mechanical Engineer turned Salesforce SME, 2013 Classic Before Trailhead, Migrated Lightning, Beta Testing Workato Data Animations, 4x Certified Ranger, Wife, Mom, Coalition Builder, Creative Problem Solver, Leader of Salesforce Ninjas

About Cherrice

Cherrice, with over a decade of experience, has been a driving force behind remarkable organizational growth through Salesforce. Holding certifications as a Salesforce Administrator, Business Analyst, Sales Cloud Consultant, and Service Cloud Consultant, her expertise is well-established.

Functioning as a robust leader and mentor, Cherrice prioritizes fostering a culture of excellence within teams. Her forte lies in aligning Salesforce strategies with the organizational vision, ensuring the successful execution of initiatives. Adept at creating customer-centric product roadmaps, she specializes in ensuring solutions meet and exceed customer expectations.

As a trusted consultant, teams and executives rely on Cherrice’s expertise to enhance business efficiency. Known for seamless collaboration across departments, she integrates initiatives for a unified and streamlined approach. Cherrice’s proficiency in resource allocation and risk management ensures project success at every stage.

Committed to continuous improvement, Cherrice stays ahead of industry trends to drive innovation and excellence in her pursuit of organizational success.