Newhouse Project Consulting

Akeli Jones

Chief of Client and Consultant Experience

Loving Wife, Daughter, Sister, Patient Pet Parent, Certified Change Maker, Curiosity as a Mindset and Behavior, Creative Experience Designer, Life-long Learner, Strategic Thinker, Energized by DEI, Biased for Action, Leader of Organization Effectiveness

About Akeli

Akeli specializes in helping organizations undergo change and transformation, facilitating the realization of their people strategies and cultural aspirations. She thrives on the challenge of addressing all facets of an organization, from setting winning strategies to designing the necessary culture, creating optimal conditions for success.

With a focus on keeping people at the center of her work, Akeli is hyper-focused on shaping the right mindsets and behaviors. She unwaveringly believes that meaningful employee experiences are pivotal in activating and sustaining change. As a Prosci certified Advanced Change Management Practitioner, Akeli brings extensive experience as a management consultant, leading successful large-scale, complex, global, and multi-year business transformation programs for Fortune 500 companies.

As a seasoned change management and communications leader, Akeli is dedicated to assisting individuals and organizations in shifting mindsets and behaviors to enable and enhance business outcomes. She is a trusted advisor to senior executives in deploying change management and diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, particularly for complex and highly visible strategic initiatives.

Akeli’s expertise extends to being an expert communicator and creative facilitator who places people at the core of change efforts, aiming for improved employee engagement, organizational effectiveness, and sustainable transformation.