Newhouse Project Consulting

Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions, as defined by NPC is a compilation of various strategies, tools, and processes required through the lifecycle of a project- increasing the chances of success for program management and technology deployments. Technology Solutions are required to ensure successful deployments. As recent research suggests that 80 percent of technology projects were not used as designed or not adopted at all within six months of implementation and over 50 percent of projects exceed their budget.

NPC Technology Solutions offerings ensure that your technology investment meets your unique business requirements and are adopted with processes allowing for ongoing sustainability. An investment in NPC – a strong partner with 20 years of experience leading successful technology implementations, yields vast improvements over the life of the project. Let us help you improve your chances of success.

Business Care Development

We are an objective partner for the development of technology business cases and feasibility studies for our clients considering new technology strategies/investments.

Business Requirements Collection & Analysis

Our business and IT analysts are skilled at eliciting and clearly documenting business requirements from all impacted shareholders for a shared vision of your desired business outcome.

Technology Implementation Support

We are a valuable resource for our clients seeking technology implementation Project Managers, Change Management Experts, and Training professionals to support their technology implementations.

Program/Project Management Oversight

Our program and project management professionals have vast experience in standing up Program Management Offices, establishing standards, best practices, and setting up a portfolio of projects for efficiency and transparency through scope, schedule, and budget – while also ensuring projects are delivering on their target values.

Infrastructure & Security

We help our clients plan and implement information technology strategies that increase speed of delivery and all other required functionality, along with the latest security and stability features.

Cloud Computing

We have Information Technology consultants ready to advise and deliver on the rapidly expanding available cloud computing options, allowing our clients to achieve all the benefits of cloud computing integrated with traditional backend systems.

Systems Integration

We help clients stay connected through the integration of their IT components ( cloud, mobile, and all other) to ensure a more seamless delivery and better results..