Newhouse Project Consulting

Organization Development

We help our clients become leaders in their industry through the development of clear roadmaps and customized solutions for driving ROI and achieving other desired organization transformation goals. 

NPC has led many companies through successful enterprise wide transformations – from M&A integration, Digital, Technology, or Cultural transformations to customized workforce strategies or standing up new organizations and driving operational and financial efficiencies. You are in excellent hands with our experienced consultants (transformation champions) that strategize and execute innovative solutions in partnership with our clients to successfully navigate your transformation change.

Leadership Development

NPC partners with executives and managers on techniques to help them clarify objectives, set priorities, and plan tactics with their teams through custom programs that could include Workshops, real time executive coaching, and pre and post 360 Survey and Analysis.

Organizational Strategies

Partnering with our clients on the alignment of their leadership, resources, processes, and technology to best carry out their organizational missions.

Corporate & Culture Transformation

We utilize our proven methodologies and tools to help change the hearts, minds, and skills required for the attitudinal and behavioral changes your organization is seeking

Mergers, Acquisitions & Diversities

Helping our clients integrate their people, processes, and technology to ensure that deal ROI and other key deal benefits are realized.

Workforce Planning

We help our clients connect and direct talent management activities through Strategic Workforce Planning to ensure an organization has the right people in the right places at the right time. Strategies could include Succession Planning, Knowledge Transfer, Leadership Development, and other Workforce Development activities.