Newhouse Project Consulting Service3 Framework

From our exposure to various methodologies and solutions within our core competencies, we have developed a framework that we can adapt to your specific needs and culture. We call this our “Service3” framework. This is a targeted approach, not a prescribed one.  Therefore, depending on your desired change or transformation – we are able to draw from the components of our framework and partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions.

How NPC Service3 Framework Works

The NPC Service3 Framework model works best if all components are used; however, some of our clients have used their own in-house teams and will leverage one or more of NPC’s framework components to supplement their teams. NPC is designed to work as a partner to your company or deliver results within existing teams.

Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to try new methodologies and industry standard practices and ultimately, share in your company’s successes for the overall transformation.