Don’t Take Our Word for It

“NPC’s innovative and collaborative approach challenged our leaders and employees to think about our company’s future. They have helped us understand our strengths, identify risk and helped us build a business strategy that will help us remain competitive in today’s changing business environment.”
“NPC’s first assignment involved “reminding” our planning team of the integrated nature of a solid and comprehensive budget process in the sales environment.  NPC managed to take a very frail concept document and designed integrated process and tools, which not only incorporated sales and account management planning, but also quota-setting and capacity planning.”

Client: Fortune 500 Automobile Insurance Company

Challenge: Led business and culture transformation as a result of divesture

How we helped:

  • Partnered with Executives to champion and model new behaviors required of employees in the new culture
  • Led detailed organizational analysis to get baseline corporate culture, employee mindsets and behaviors to ensure transformation approach was in alignment with new corporate business strategies
  • Developed and drove workforce strategy and delivery of HR programs and initiatives in support of culture change
  • Embedded culture transformation success metrics into Performance Management system to track adoption of the transformation
  • Designed workshops, roadshows and train-the-trainer sessions for all managers prior to deployment to ensure consistent application, messaging and approach across the organization
  • Led project implementation and adoption by assisting the organization and its stakeholders to support and embrace changes through the use of a customized Change Management approach

Results: In keeping with our core principle of providing our clients with Innovative Solutions and our deep knowledge of workforce strategies and business operations, we have delivered a cultural transformation that altered employees’ mindsets and behaviors, resulting in a workforce that better understood their business, and increased workforce productivity and company profitability.

Client: California’s largest managed healthcare system

Challenge: Drive adoption of the first enterprise-wide technology implementation in 20 years

How we helped:

  • Advised and partnered with Executives to build and execute enterprise-wide Change Management plan
  • Built influential coalition of internal and external Change Agents across 22 locations impacted by people, processes and technology changes
  • Provided training, post go-live support and long range Operational planning to ensure new processes and technology were seamlessly integrated into daily operations with minimal business disruption
  • Partnered with Executives to establish metrics that measured business and program objectives
  • Collaborated with labor unions to build inclusive Change plans that addressed the needs of the company’s diverse workforce
  • Established solid processes for gathering business and technical requirements to ensure new processes and technology met the implementation requirements and business case goals

Results: Our collaborative approach and experienced team navigated through the company’s complex organization structure and intense stakeholder resistance to successfully deploy the first Enterprise Resource Planning tool to 75,000 employees across 22 locations resulting in increased corporate efficiency and profitability.

Our Clients

Bay Area Rapid Transit
Wells Fargo
Kaiser Permanente
California Courts
General Motors
Charles Schwab